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Legally Nanny® is the leading law firm representing homecare and nanny agencies and household employers.

For Homecare and Nanny Agencies 

We understand your business, and can help you grow and protect your company by:


  • Reviewing and revising client contracts, employment applications, handbooks and other employee documents.

  • Advising your agency about wage and hour issues and a wide variety of employment law matters.

  • Defending administrative claims, wage and hour disputes, audits, single plaintiff claims and class actions, as well as client and business disputes.

For Household Employers

We provide legal and tax advice to families hiring nannies, elder care providers, and other household employees by


  • Offering our One Flat Fee service: We fill out all the initial forms and handle the legal and tax issues so clients can maximize their tax savings and spend more time with their families. This comprehensive package includes an employment agreement personally tailored to clients' needs. Don't risk getting caught and facing the consequences when you can enjoy the advantages of employing legally.

  • Drafting and enforcing employment, confidentiality and severance agreements.

  • Defending and resolving disputes, investigations, audits, wage claims, administrative charges or litigation stemming from household employment situations. 

For Attorneys – Expert Witness Testimony


Legally Nanny Founder Bob King serves as an expert witness regarding homecare legal and tax issues. Bob has assists in calculating the costs of elder care and childcare, nanny and homecare cases, and human resources matters. Bob is a team player and committed to assisting clients with accurate and comprehensive information on their schedules.


For All Our Clients

The foundation of our practice is client service. Whether you are a homecare or nanny agency, a household employer, one of our many business or individual clients, or an attorney who needs expert witness testimony, we provide the same knowledgeable, responsive, and personable service. Please contact us for an initial consultation today.

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