Employment, Severance & Confidentiality Agreements

Employment Agreements

In addition to handling all your start-up needs, we provide you with an employment agreement as part of our all-inclusive One Flat Fee service.

This simple yet comprehensive agreement contains important provisions

  • listing your nanny's job duties, potentially qualifying her for the exemption from California daily overtime;

  • specifying your nanny's compensation and other employment terms to avoid disputes down the road;

  • detailing vacation, sick days and holidays (if applicable), including how such days are accrued and setting limits on the number of available days;

  • providing guidelines for releasing your child or administering medication, if applicable;

  • specifying how your nanny should handle emergency situations;

  • providing for confidentiality in your household affairs;

  • providing a hold harmless provision and release of liability for tax issues; and

  • confirming your nanny's at will employment status.

This detailed document deals with all aspects of your nanny's employment and is tailored to your individual situation. The agreement is straightforward, legally enforceable, and greatly reduces miscommunication or potential future disputes.    

If you already employ your household worker legally and just want an employment agreement without any of our other Legally Nanny services, please contact us for further details and pricing.


Severance Agreements

When terminating your nanny's employment, you may want to consider entering into a severance agreement with her. In exchange for a modest amount of additional compensation to your nanny, a severance agreement

  • releases potential and actual claims against you according to applicable law;

  • contains a confidentiality provision ensuring that information learned during your nanny's employment and the severance agreement terms themselves are not disclosed;

  • requires the return of all your property (such as house keys); and

  • prohibits your nanny from making any misleading or disparaging comments about you.

This legally enforceable document allows both parties to end the employment relationship on a positive note without concerns about future liability or hard feelings.

Although a severance agreement is not included in Legally Nanny's One Flat Fee service, we would by happy to draft an agreement tailored to your particular situation for an additional fee. Please contact us for details.

Confidentiality Agreements

Although our employment and severance agreements have confidentiality provisions, for particularly sensitive matters, an in-depth confidentiality agreement can provide comprehensive protection.

Confidentiality agreements are not solely the province of celebrities or CEOs. They are an effective tool for protecting anyone's privacy, including conversations about sensitive work or family matters.

Think about all the things you say and do every day, as well as the texts, emails, and documents that may be open in your home. Wouldn't you want to safeguard these important materials and your privacy?

A confidentiality agreement

  • includes conversations, events, documents, and other confidential information; 
  • establishes that the family owns all such valuable information and prohibits its disclosure;

  • emphasizes the employee's duty of loyalty to the family and discusses actual and potential conflicts of interest; 

  • provides guidelines for interactions with the media and or publications;

  • addresses the issue of employee termination and the employee's continuing obligations -- and the potential consequences of violating those obligations -- even after no longer working with the family.

By proactively addressing sensitive matters and providing guidelines and concrete examples, a confidentiality agreement can protect your personal and professional affairs.

Having someone work in your home can be an intrusion, but with a comprehensive confidentiality agreement, you can provide additional assurance that your private matters remain private.

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