Expert Witness

As a practicing attorney and experienced litigator, Legally Nanny® Founder Bob King understands the importance of having a capable and confident expert to bolster your case. Thus, when Bob serves as an expert witness, he works closely with attorneys and clients to thoroughly prepare his testimony and effectively present the facts at hand.


Bob serves as an expert on a wide variety of childcare, household employment, and human resources matters. Some of his recent work includes


·         Calculating the costs of childcare in divorce proceedings: Bob works with clients to determine their childcare needs, researches the cost of that care, and prepares a comprehensive report detailing all the childcare expenses, including nanny agency fees, background checks, wages, taxes, and insurance. Bob provides thorough and knowledgeable testimony to assist clients in getting all the childcare costs they’re entitled to in divorce proceedings.


·         Household employment matters: Bob works with attorneys to analyze claims, liability and damages in cases involving household employees. He also consults with attorneys regarding potential defenses, arguments and strategies in litigation involving nannies, elder care providers, housekeepers, and other household workers.


·         Human resources: Bob draws upon his extensive background both as a labor & employment lawyer and the head of HR for a large organization to testify about appropriate workplace practices and policies. For example, Bob served as an expert witness in a sexual harassment case where he testified about the company’s policies, training, prevention efforts, investigation and response to complaints. Bob’s testimony helped resolve the case quickly and favorably.


Just as in his legal practice, Bob is knowledgeable, personable and responsive in providing his expert witness services. He returns all communications within one business day, and understands the tight deadlines and high-pressure nature of litigation.


Here’s what some of our clients have to say about Bob’s expert witness work:

I would like you to know that the research and report you did in assessing child care costs for the dissolution case I referred to you were extremely helpful in settling the matter and reaching what I believe were equitable agreements regarding spousal support and the parties' equal responsibilities for payment of all of the costs associated with third-party child care services. I think your report may also have had some impact on the father's perception of what the financial value of the mother's contribution had been during their marriage and the post-separation period – a value that I believe he greatly underestmated.

Laury M. Baldwin, Esq., Law Offices of Laury M. Baldwin


It was a pleasure working with you. I believe your deposition testimony proved to be the difference in making a potential liability case into a clear liability case. In addition, your involvement substantially increased the value of the settlement. Your assistance as plaintiff’s expert witness was truly invaluable. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Mark C. Kim, Esq., Law Offices of Mark C. Kim


Bob is a team player and committed to assisting clients with accurate and comprehensive information on their schedules. When clients need an expert on calculating the costs of childcare, household employment matters, or human resources issues, they can turn to Bob for superior service and solid performance.


The statements above do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction concerning the outcome of your legal matter. The results portrayed above were dependent on the facts of each case, and results will differ if based on different facts.

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