How Legally Nanny Can Help You

Legally Nanny® is your one stop, no hassle, flat fee solution for all your legal and tax needs on how to hire and pay your nanny legally. We also offer additional legal services apart from our One Flat Fee start-up package.

One Flat Fee Package

We’ll get you started and show you how to pay your nanny, pay your taxes, and do it all with the confidence that it’s done legally.

For one flat fee of $1,895, we will:

  • Evaluate your employer/employee status and determine whether you meet the legal definition of an employer of household help;
  • Fill out every initial federal and state form you need – you never deal with start-up paperwork;
  • Advise you on applicable insurance, wage and hour and overtime laws;
  • Show you how to calculate and pay your state and federal employment taxes, including providing a sample payroll tax calculation tailored for your ongoing needs;
  • Inform you about strategies to maximize your tax savings;

  • Draft a personally tailored employment agreement to confirm the terms of your nanny's employment and protect your rights in a legally enforceable document;

  • Provide you with our copyrighted Legally Nanny Hiring & Employment Guide for answers to your household employment questions;

And most importantly...

  • Be There For You: If you have any follow-up questions or need advice on any of the aforementioned topics, just contact us. Your one low fee entitles you to our assistance with any additional questions or concerns you may have for one full year after engaging our services.

Yes, It's Really One Flat Fee!

At Legally Nanny®, we believe that you should be able to pay one flat fee for all your legal and tax nanny set-up needs. We don't charge any "registration" or "account initiation fees," and we never charge you any recurring fees.

Our premise is simple: You pay a one-time, flat fee of $1,895, and in return we will provide you with all the assistance you need to get started paying your nanny, paying your taxes, entering into an employment agreement, and doing it all legally. With Legally Nanny, you'll do it once, do it right, and never worry about it again.

Additional Services

Client Defense

Legally Nanny can assist you if you find yourself facing legal issues (investigations, audits, wage claims, administrative charges or litigation) stemming from a household employment situation that may not have been set up or run correctly. Similarly, Legally Nanny can discreetly and effectively defend and resolve disputes between you and your household employee. Please contact us for further details and pricing.

Confidentiality & Severance Agreements

Although not part of our One Flat Fee service, confidentiality and severance agreements can be vital to protecting your interests as a household employer. See our Agreements page for more information about the various agreements Legally Nanny can provide you.

Other Legal Services

In addition to our household employment expertise, Legally Nanny provides a broad range of legal services to individuals and businesses, including nanny and homecare agencies.

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